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Trump and Nancy Pelosi make Mike Pence uncomfortable | OK, Stop!

Trump and Nancy Pelosi make Mike Pence uncomfortable | OK, Stop!

This week on OK Stop, Donald Trump’s planned photo-op with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and a scarecrow dressed as Mike Pence turns into something much cooler. The panel of Alicia Garza, Megan Gailey, and Louis Virtel break it down!

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Lovett or Leave It week in review recorded in front of a live audience. It’s great. Jon and a panel of comedians, actors, journalists, and some of the many, many famous Friends of the Pod will break down the week’s biggest news and deal with whatever bullshit came flying over the transom in our broken, insane political nightmare factory. There will be rants! Games! Bad impressions! Quizzes! Dramatic Readings! Shouting at cable news clips! And everyone’s favorite: nuanced discussion!


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