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USA – Bill Clinton sworn in to second term

USA – Bill Clinton sworn in to second term

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William Jefferson Clinton was sworn in Monday (20/1) to a second term as
president of the United States during a ceremony in Washington.
Clinton, whose new four-year mandate will usher in the 21st century, took the 35-word oath of office from Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist on the west steps of the US Capitol which houses the Senate and the House of Representatives.



High shot Capitol,
crowd applauding;
Justice Ginsburg administering the oath to Vice President Al Gore;
Cheering crowd rising;
Al Gore embracing family members;
President Bill Clinton applauding;
Stars and Stripes flying outside Capitol;
Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton on podium;
Clinton taking oath;
back shot of podium;
CU Bill Clinton embracing family members;
Clinton waving as gun salute is heard;
guns going off;
WS crowd;
WS crowd;
Clinton introduced, to podium;
CA man in audience;
ENGLISH SOT, Bill Clinton, giving inaugural address: “Once again, our
economy is the strongest on earth..”;
CA audience applauding;
ENGLISH SOT, Clinton, continues: “Our mission is to give all Americans an opportunity, not a guarantee but a real opportunity, to build better lives.. (applause)”;
CA high shot crowd;
Clinton’s speech ends,
crowd rises and applauds;
Clinton departing podium as Marine Band performs.

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